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Mount Biega is second highest of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park’s dormant volcanoes rising up to about 2790m. Hiking to Mt. Biega’s summits is amazing as you come across the park’s distinct vegetation zones. The trek to the volcano’s summits takes about 6 hours to the summit and returning/descending to where you began your trek.

Best time to visit Mt. Kahuzi and Mt. Biega for hiking adventure

Hiking safaris to Mt. Kahuzi and Mt. Biega can be planned at anytime of the year. The preferred time is notably the dry season when there is no or little rain recorded with trails kept drier. The dry months of the year here range from January, February, June, July, August to September. These are better than the wet or rainy season when heavy rains are recorded and the trails become slippery which makes hiking a little challenging and even accessing the routes to Kahuzi-Biega National Park a bit difficult. The wet or rainy months start in March, April, May, October, November.

What to carry on Mt. Kahuzi & Biega hiking safaris?

A complete hiking safari in Mt. Kahuzi and Biega volcano requires you to pack appropriately. You should start with insect repellent, gardening gloves, waterproof hiking boots, rain jacket, long socks, camera, sun glasses, snacks, bottled water, first aid kit or medical kit.


Camping is the most preferable option for holidaymakers to spend a night in Kahuzi-Biega National Park. This means, you should be prepared to carry or hire camping gear. Most of the hotels and lodging options are there but in Bukavu Town and they include Mount Kahuzi Hotel Bukavu, Lake Side Bukavu Hotel, Coco Lodge and many others.