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Let Us Help You Plan Your Trip

This guide is a labor of love for tourism in East and Central Africa. It is owned by the Africa Tourist Guide, an organization that aims at documenting and promoting tourism sites in Africa. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE for the park but a RESOURCEFUL website that you can use to plan your next trip to Kahuzi Biega National Park, a less known destination in Central Africa.

With several park guides, we aim at dissemination helpful travel information to travelers looking to Africa. Currently we are ONLINE PUBLISHERS who create useful content to help travelers get the ultimate park experience for travelers exploring national parks and tourism sites in East and Central Africa.

We plan to publish the information that we collect from different tourism sites in guidebooks, print media, epubs and more.

We are mainly local publishers and we only publish information on places that we visit. Our writers have visited these places and collected the information that we publish with an aim of promoting Africa’s tourism.